Studies, Projects and Establishment in Transport, Traffic and Road System

PAIT Consultores was created in 1993, in São Paulo - Brazil. Being since the beginning a Consultation Company specialized in the areas of transport, traffic, road system, town planning, environment and data processing systems. Its diversified experience permits an action that covers both private and public sector, as well as the diverse segments of transportation sector.

PAIT Consultores has carried out works in diverse regions of Brazil and, since 1998, initiates its international action, developing activities in several projects at Latin America and, specially, in Venezuela.

In its action areas, PAIT Consultores develops the following activities: studies and projects elaboration , inspection and establishment of projects, installment of service, support in trials of concession, development of data processing systems and representation of technologies, as well as the technical-financier support to private and public agencies.

The Company

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